Sonali Swami – Fitness Guru, Athlete & Mum

She is very savvy on the social networks. The beautiful fitness lover and mum, Sonali Swami, begins her introduction to herself as Fitness Guru, Fitness Motivator, Mother and Co-founder of Fit blink.

Mums and stories managed to catch up with this very interesting mum who looks gorgeous and is INSPIRING.

A certified Zumba instructor, a trained Kathak dancer; she is sponsored by Adidas and is a sponsored athlete for the supplement brand ‘Optimum Nutrition’.

Sonali Swami doesn’t fit into the stereotype ‘mother’ category. But this 39-year-old mum is rocking with her motivation videos, workshops and mantras for women.

“I was born and brought up all over India as my dad served in Indian army. He retired as Major General. Discipline, determination and dedication all came naturally to me and got embedded from a very young age.

After getting married, I got into professional dancing and later did a couple of certifications in fitness which kept me fit. Later after having my kids and with a busy lifestyle, I got introduced to weight training and just got hooked as the change was phenomenal. I wasn’t thin or skinny but lean and toned. And after winning two high profile international fitness competitions, I am only getting stronger and better.

I have always been doing cardio based activities as I started as a dance/aerobics instructor. I have always been lean but after my second kid, I joined a local gym and got motivated to try strength training. What started as an interest soon became my passion. It’s been two years now and I am stronger and fitter than ever.

In 2014, I participated in first ever Fit Factor India at Mumbai. It was a huge competition across the world and it was a dream come true to be the first ever Fit Factor India winner.

Standing amongst young, beautiful and fit girls, being the oldest competitor at 38 years (at that time) and being a Mom, I was indeed nervous. But I was there to enjoy the experience, learn more and become better. Being adjudged the winner was icing on the top and a proud moment for me as I had won my first major fitness competition.
Muscle Mania India was my second huge competition, where I won not just one but two trophies (Fitness and Model physique) and was adjudged the overall champion.

My most proud moment was when I was selected by IBBF (Indian Body Building Federation) to represent India in Asians and Worlds championship. It was surreal to participate at WBPF Worlds Championship at Bangkok in Nov 2015 where athletes from 48 countries participated. I was placed in top ten in my category

The credit of my success goes mainly to my husband, who has supported me throughout this difficult journey. I have been married for the past 15 years. According to me, it is very important to balance between your career and family.

As a mom and wife, my kids and home have always been my first priority and so it was very important for me to find a perfect balance between my passion and my home.
This is where my husband has played a pivotal role as he is my biggest strength and supporter and now my children are old enough to understand and appreciate my passion.

I also have social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) to motivate people, specially married women, in a small way to lead a healthy lifestyle. I am a certified fitness trainer and do one on one sessions as well as online training for men and women.

Being a mom is very challenging yet absolutely fulfilling aspect of my life. The kids need attention and it does get difficult at times. And as they are growing, their needs are changing. My daughter is 11 years and son is 9 years old. They do understand as I believe the fitness should be for the entire family. They are too young to decide whether they want to take it up later however they are learning the concept of healthy and nutritious diet and why it is important to be physically active. They completely adore their mom’s efforts.

Women in general are expected to behave and lead their life in certain manner once they are married. And once you are a mom, your life completely revolves around your kids. And in this process, women completely lose themselves. Other family members should understand that she is the pillar of family. If she takes care of herself and can take out 30-40 minutes to pursue her dream or passion, be fit and healthy, she could actually change the entire scenario.
If you can’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of your loved ones. Find a balance and do what makes you happy and see the change. Be fit, be healthy”

On the fitness scenario in the current times, she says, “Fitness industry has really changed over the last couple of years where women who at one point of time were seen in cardio classes or doing aerobics are now much more educated about weight and strength training.

They are not scared to lift weights as they know about its benefits. But we hope to see a better, fitter and stronger India in the coming years.

Our society still thinks that six pack abs are meant for men and not for women. The general perception is that women should behave in a traditional manner and not get into the fields meant for men. However, things are in the process of changing and now both men and women both are appreciated for their hard work.”
On her mantra to fitness regime, she shares, “I am strictly following my diet and training plan that has helped me succeed in all my competitions. I make it a point that I get 5-6 hours of good workout every week. My Zumba classes take care of my cardio, so I concentrate on my strength training during my workout sessions.

I eat in moderation and try to eat clean from Monday to Friday to enjoy a good cheat meal with my family on weekends.”

We end this rocking and fitting story from this interesting mum with her motto in life. ‘Follow your heart; Age is just a number; Fit women Fit Families’.

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