Mum Talks – Nominate or recommend an inspiring mum

We are bringing this event in September 2017 after two interesting editions of Mum Talks.

We however want you to nominate yourself as a speaker or someone else and if it is an inspiring story we will have the mum for the Mum Talks event.

To nominate yourself or recommend a speaker do register here-

You can also write a short paragraph as an introduction on yourself and email to with your contact number.

Mum Talks will be scheduled in September 2017 in Bangalore. We are looking for 5-8 inspiring mums as speakers for this one of a kind event.

Mums and Stories is a dedicated community driven initiative where we publish true stories on mums and we also take up socially relevant causes. We also do events that are curated and brought for mothers and children.

Our earlier Mum Talks have been with Nidhi Tiwari from Women Beyond Boundaries and our second edition was with women who had faced extreme challenges in life and still come out victorious.

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