Vidya Ramamurthy on being an independent woman and recycle queen

Meet one of the energetic entrepreneurs and the ‘Queen of recycle management’. She is a woman, an individual and a mum who is inspiring many others to take up various interests in life.

She loves to hold the designation of being the ‘dad’s child today and forever’. Sharing her journey with Mums and Stories, Vidya Ramamurthy says, “I have been a convent schooled child and then went on to do my graduation in commerce. The role of my parents and brother have been beautiful in my formative years- the foundation I got, what I saw and learnt has gone a long way to define my inner self and soul.

Today while my dad’s and mom’s own lives were an example of selfless life – he is the eldest brother of nine siblings. His dad had died early off cancer so responsibility to manage and run the entire household, came on him in his early twenties, while my mom too was from a large family. When it came to certain virtues like all the patience in life seems to have come from my mom for me. My brother has been that guiding light from my very early years.

My interest in recycling dates back to my childhood days. During my school holidays or in general too, a simple frugal life is what he habituated us children to. He would recycle pretty much any paper. He would use color papers to make God’s pictures photo frames right from scratch. He would use everything to make them all the recyclable resources in his reach in his drawers. I clearly remember, he would have saved even the smallest of color paper pattern print! Even today it’s a thrill to dig in his wardrobe of such collections!

The love for Sathvam- our organization for recycling and this love was sown to me by my dad. Obviously when Satthvam came in my life,  6 years ago, I was not surprised and could only understand that I was meant to do what I did with Satthvam’s recycle / upcycle work.

I went on to recycle about 3500 boost complan cartons into birthday favor bags / ‘thaamboola’ gifting bags with colorpaper etc. We have recycled about 500 to 600 clothes and sarees into potlis, pouches, clutches, batuas , carry bags etc.

Deccan Weaves, my other venture happened by chance and I had no idea I would be sourcing in such large scale.  It began with me spotting a Pancharangi Patti pallu, A beautiful Powerloom PolyCotton  saree which was then the poor woman’s wear in the villages of Belgaum. The journey has been fruitful and will continue.”

Talking on adapting to various roles in life, Vidya says, “A woman’s life after marriage is a roller coaster ride, which can be made a happy one only by her own self asserting about herself, knowing her self worth and self esteem. Standing up for oneself is an important realization and she should understand that she needs to equip herself financially, stand on her own red carpet-feet firm-grounded. Also when the self asserting process begins, it gets heavier on the other side to bear with,  at least for those who took such simple women for granted.

Entrepreneurship is the next step of self assertion.. The Internet is like the open ocean of opportunities.. it’s a trillion thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for allowing and facilitating so much online business exposure. Trillions of good karma his way instantly!

Both my kids love to recycle. Older one had even made the Boost Carton Carry bag for a school project last year and people loved it.. He wrapped it with a newspaper and it did look good. The 6 year old hunts for one side printed paper so he can do his doodling and craft work behind it on the empty side.”

Sharing a few tips on recycling in everyday life she lists out what we can do.”  I see this need with sarees we love most that get a tear here and there. We can instead upcyle them into various utilities like cushion covers, bed spreads, batuas -that we can see and use all the time around us. Secondly usage of wedding cards – in affluent marriages or even in poor households during marriage seems still to be a big affair. Even they land up with hundreds of unused beautiful wedding cards that become redundant after their occasion get over.Such cards can be turned into shagun envelops and other utilities. One can also refer our website for ideas.

Please put to use what You Buy and buy only what you will put to use.

Food Waste now has some toll free numbers where they can be passed on, hunt for them after lunch hosting functions / gatherings at your place.

Also most importantly avoid plastic bags.  Please use cloth bags and make your own cloth bags if you have a sewing machine. Trust me! It becomes addictive after you cut up one salwar kameez to make a few carry bags!

The largest learning on being a mum, entrepreneur and more is that ‘ Do it yourself’. Be it rearing our children, running our businesses – Do it Alone, Do it yourself. Do selective partnerships in business where both your wavelengths match at all points of time.

Genuine talent comes to you when you seek it., so seek it. And it shall come to you.

Lastly I do want to pass a message to women think for your individual self and think for your own life’s security. Today you might have a doting, loving, adoring husband who is proud to share about your life and your pictures on social media. Are you prepared to take life on after he is gone? By a misfortune or by chance or by choice?

Hence, I say, dear new mom / mom to be – ‘Let the Woman in you , please rise up for your own feet to stay grounded..”


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  1. Well said Vidya! The older generation knew the value of every ‘paisa’ and every paper. Reuse was part of our lives. With the onset of plenty, we are having to propagate recycle!! So happy to hear of what you do and wish you all the best!! A beautiful story with s great advice in the end!

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