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Pashmina- Written by Nidhi Chanani

Publisher- HarperCollins India

Pages-162 with lots of captivating pictures.

The story begins with a young girl asking uncomfortable questions on her dad to her mom Nimisha.

Priyanka or Pri is an Indian American girl probably just about 18 or 19 years old, who juggles her identity of being an Indian, loves unabashedly samosas, chai and dhoklas like most Indian children. She is however trying her best to fit into the society on par with her American peers.

One day Pri finds a Pashmina shawl lying in a suitcase that has been lying in the attic of her house. There is an instant connect to the shawl for Pri and the moment she wraps it on herself, she feels she is transported to India. Pri gets the fabulous opportunity to visit all the places she has ever wanted to see in India from the majestic palaces to feel the warmth of the desert to wearing a saree, eat all the sweet savories like sandesh and much more.

Pri loves illustrating and writing comics and one such attempt gets her to win a contest with a cash prize. She somehow manages to convince her mom who was hesitant to send Pri to India.

India as Pri discovers, is a land of mysteries, dilemmas, riot of colours and  new culture practices. During her stay, she does lover her holiday with her aunt but is sometimes confused on slowly learning on a few hints leading to her mom’s past and her identity.

Priyanka finally gets to know about her dad and the real story.

The book almost runs like a short film and makes for an interesting storyline.

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