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The name Burrito sounds adorable and so is the character Burrito in the book ‘Burrito Has A Butterbody’ written by Anushi Mehta and illustrated by Sagar Khavnekar.

The book is a good read for 3 to 6 year olds who will identify with a cute bunny character that keeps bumping into things and gets hurt.

Burrito has numerous encounters with him bumping and tripping, be it in the garden patch, or at school or at the playground.

Though he has caring elders around him  the series of tripping instances make him really aware of his clumsiness, his butterbody and his reluctance to get a day straight without getting hurt.

Yet one morning his mumma asks him to help her to set the table ready for breakfast.

After a warm reassurance he does indeed do well and even at school with no accidents record.

The story ends on a positive note and can be a delight for young readers. The pictures and the glossy feel to the book makes the book appealing.

The book is published by Vakils, Feffer and Simons Pvt Ltd.

Reshma krishnamurthy reviewed this book for Mums and stories



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