Duckbill hole books reviewed -Susie will not speak and Mira the detective

Mums and stories received two books for a review and here’s what we got to say.
As part of a special series, these are h0le books published by Duckbill.
Susie will not speak, written by Shruthi Rao, illustrated by Lavanya Naidu is a story on this young girl who is often teased due to her condition where she doesn’t pronounce words like other children.
Susie speaks with a lisp and is subjected to ridicule and bullying. Jahan, a new neighbor and a child of her own age understands her concerns and is different. He doesn’t ridicule her and helps her overcome her insecurities.
In the times where adults are not left out to bullying be it at work spaces or social media where bullying can deeply affect people this book does address the issue. It is also important to have books so that children accept kids of varying backgrounds, conditions as normal.
Mira the Detective, is written by Pavithra Sankaran and illustrated by Vandana Singh. Young Mira who is soon going to turn nine years old loves solving mysteries and finds situations that do require her to think and help people and even her mom.
There instances of Mira finding out the culprits like when her mom’s precious antique gold watch gets stolen or when she and others in school get addicted to a particular milk beverage or the missing of the friendly neighbor Anita Aunty,:Mira solves the cases and informs her mother and police too.
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The stories are simple and would be of interest to a curious young reader, who otherwise might not really be solving such cases in real life. The stories are more relatable to those kids who hear words like ‘Amma’, Payasam – a sweetened desert prepared often in South Indian homes or usage of names of people like Nambi uncle.
Mira, the detective does go to the bottom of every case that she encounters and solves it.
We at Mums and stories have to say that these are fun books for young readers.
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