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This is an informative and interesting book brought out by Aster CMI Hospitals.


Written by Dr. Chetan Ginigeri, Playful, the ultimate guide to child safety is a recommended book for would be parents and young parents.


(Inner pages of Playful book on Child Safety. Book by Aster CMI Hospitals)

Considering an alarming fact that even an inch of water in a bucket or elsewhere, left unsupervised with a child can drown the child silently, it is essential to be aware of possible risks and be prepared.

Compartmentalized into various sections, Kitchen safety, Playground safety, Internet safety and many more , the book is a guide to what most parents take for granted and do not pay attention.


(Inner pages of Playful book on Child Safety. Book by Aster CMI Hospitals)

Apparently, every day one child succumbs to injuries from an accident and in a city like Bangalore, every 15 minutes, medical attention is required for an injury related issue.

Simple suggestions that are worthy to be followed:
a)Do not encourage playing in the kitchen.

b)Keep medications out of reach from children, particularly Heart pills like Verapamil, Diltiazem or Diabetes medications as even a single dose can be lethal.

c)Always store hazardous chemicals in their original containers and allocate a separate shelf for them, that cannot be accessed by children.

d) Never combine two common household cleaners as sometimes they react and emit fumes, which could be poisonous if inhaled .

e) Do not leave cell batteries lying around the house as in case they are accidentally swallowed, they can burn the child’s stomach.


(Inner pages of Playful book on Child Safety. Book by Aster CMI Hospitals)

Priced at RS 299, published by Times Group Books, this initiative by Aster CMI Hospitals is appreciated as it would help a lot of parents in preventing accidents and injuries.

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