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We received this product for a review. Now we know there are a zillion other mums whose days get better with one good cup of tea at that moment.

Yes of course there are coffee patrons but we stick to being chai lovers.

So Chai masala from Masala Monk is an interesting product, packaged well and as we were even unwrapping the product, the aroma was sharp and inviting.

Now we have tried a few cups of tea with this masala, brewed along with your regular cup of chai with milk and sugar. It’s flavourful, doesn’t dilute the tea taste and good.

We do find it however premium priced, but as the manufacturers say the ingredients are carefully chosen with care, homemade and we would like to believe it.

Also we wish the ingredients information was published on their packaged bottle.

It’s got an interesting story as to why this product is named Ammiji’s Chai masala as fondly remembered by her grandchildren.

The shelf life is one year and suggestions on the pack say it can be added to kheer, puddings or even deserts.

We wanted to try a more sober product and apparently one of their fast selling ones. There are quirky ones like the Orange Whiskey Marmalade or the Mango Tequila Jam and even the range of pickles with interesting combinations that do look inviting.

You can find more products from them  here

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